Navigating the Human Experience
Michael and Nadine Brasunas
VISIT PATREON.COM/THEHUMANEXPERIENCE TO SUPPORT THIS WORK In these interactive recordings, conversations, interviews, and monologues, we speak to the part within all of us that holds common sense, consciousness, a desire to heal the soul, to grow in awareness, and to empower ourselves, our communities, and our humanity. The intent is to support the process of re-attuning with nature, reconnecting as one universal humanity, navigating challenges and pressures from the world we inhabit, regaining our dignity, recovering our integrity, raising our children, relating to one another, and attempting to live with purpose and a sense of sacred direction in a culture that doesn't always understand or fully support the tremendous potential of the human being. We discuss ancient wisdom as well as new research and evidence, looking at what makes us truly fulfilled, what has gotten us here, who we are, and the importance of remembering both our uniqueness and common unity, while learning once again how to behave and operate harmoniously. To get there we have to work together, and labor through some challenges with a sincere focus, to face and navigate through some uncomfortable and inconvenient realities in our world, both current and historical. We invite your input, involvement, participation, questions, and suggestions for material to cover and discuss as well. Thank you for joining us on this journey.
Navigating the Human Experience
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