#122: StHealthy Nutrition CBD: Ryan and Doc Answer Your Questions
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This episode is a Q and A with Ryan and Dr. Hillary regarding CBD/Hemp and their new product line StHealthy Nutrition. Many of you had questions related to CBD so we sat down to answer them.

  • What happened to Bent Herbalist?
  • What road blocks have made it hard to sell CBD?
  • Ryan shares his experience in using CBD and why he feels better than he did 10 years ago.
  • How it's helped Dr. Hillary with her pain.
  • What's the Endocannabinoid System?
  • Difference between hemp and marijuana?
  • Can you get high from full spectrum hemp?
  • Difference between full and broad spectrum hemp?
  • How does CBD work in the body?
  • Does it work like Advil?
  • How to dose it for pain?
  • Should you take CBD if you get drug tested and why the urine testing is flawed?
  • Do we ship to Canada?
  • What other supplements do you take and may offer in the future?
  • Why Ryan loves Turmeric Tea with CBD.
  • What are the side effects of CBD?
  • What medications may CBD interfere with and options?
  • High dosing vs low dosing and the time you need for this to work.
  • What are other things that help the ECS system?

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To schedule with Dr. Hillary visit her Montana clinic, Elevate Health. Telemedicine is currently available for all WA and MT patients for FOC, other states we must see you in person for your first visit. After that much can be done with telemedicine.

Blue Collar Elk Hunting
Blue Collar Elk Hunting
Gilbert Ornelas, Joe Giglia, Leroy Chavez
EP 90: Finding, Calling & Hunting Elk In October - Listener’s Q&A
*It's October y'all and the firearm hunters are up! *What an incredible time to be in the mountains! Leaves have turned or even falling. You can go from warm days to cold to snow in the blink of an eye! Not only can the weather change in an instant, but so can the elk. You can find the elk in one or a combination of three behavior phases in October; Rutting, Recovery or Winter Prep. Each bringing their own pluses or minuses.   *On Today’s Edition of Blue Collar Elk Hunting,* your Coaches cover a whole plethora of questions concerning hunting elk in October. Are elk still rutting? Is calling still effective? When are the best times of of the month to Hunt? How do I find elk when rifle hunting in October? How does the moon effect elk? What are some mistakes to avoid? Those topics as well as an ElkBros Mailbox discussion on the science of arrow setups. Pull up a chair and come on in to elk camp! We hope you enjoy the episode. EVERYTHING ElkBros – https://www.elkbros.com PURCHASE ElkBros Merch - https://gear.elkbros.com BLUE COLLAR ELK HUNTING ACADEMY  - https://elkbros.com/shop Watch the Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast: https://youtube.com/c/elkbros Listen to their Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast: http://podcast.elkbros.com/  *SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE!* *WANT TO SUPPORT the ElkBros Programming?? -* https://www.patreon.com/elkbros *FOLLOW THE ElkBros*… Joe Giglia - @elkbros Leroy ‘Chav’ Chavez - @elkbroschav Gilbert Ornelas (Big O) - @go_outdoors_txnm  The Venezuelan Mafia: Luis Gonzalez - @onlyhunters  Manano Grateron - @manuelgrateron *Contact Us:* info@elkbros.com Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/elkbros)
1 hr 33 min
Backcountry Rookies - Big Game Hunting Podcast
Backcountry Rookies - Big Game Hunting Podcast
Sportsmen's Nation
Stories From The Season - Christian "Rev" Armstrong
This week on the Stories From The Season Series Chad talks to Christian “Rev” Armstrong about his 2020 Oregon elk hunt. Christian talks about some of the amazing elk encounters he got himself into and he talks a little about how the wildfires affected him and his family with evacuations and smoke everywhere. Christian is a great guest and tells the story well. Enjoy the show Stories From The Season was created as a way for us to let our friends share their hunting stories. I love to listen to great hunting stories to get an idea of the experience, but I think there is a lot of great opportunities to learn for other success or failure. When you hear a person talk about a stalk or how they achieved success you can apply the same techniques to your hunting strategies. Enjoy the Series! CHRISTIAN ARMSTRONG Instagram - @rev.armstrong BACKCOUNTRY ROOKIES Website - https://backcountryrookies.com Instagram - @backcountryrookies Facebook - Backcountry Rookies Group - Backcountry Rookies Nation Elk101 University of Elk Hunting Save 20% by using the code ROOKIES https://www.elk101.com/product/university-of-elk-hunting-online-course/ Vortex Optics Use the code ROOKIES and save 20% on apparel at the Vortex Optics Website https://vortexoptics.com goHUNT Insider Have you seen the new 3D Map software from goHUNT? They have changed the map and e-scouting game with their new system. The maps come free with an Insider membership. Receive a $50 Credit to the goHUNT Gear Shop when you purchase the Insider Program and use the code ROOKIES www.gohunt.com/insider Backcountry Rookies is Powered by Simplecast
54 min
Big Game Hunting Podcast
Big Game Hunting Podcast
John McAdams
112: My 2020 Hunting Gear List
Show Notes: https://thebiggamehuntingblog.com/podcast/2020huntinggear/ Show Sponsor: Go to huntingguns101.com to receive specific rifle, cartridge, ammo, and scope recommendations tailored to YOUR specific hunting needs as well as access to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook community and EXCLUSIVE discounts on certain outfitted hunts Big Game Hunting Adventures in Africa or Canada. What We Covered 1) Overview the rifle set-up I'm using for this hunt: my Ruger Hawkeye FTW Hunter in .300 Win Mag, my Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44m scope, and Federal Premium's 180gr Trophy Copper ammo. 2) Details of my new Shadow Tech Pig Saddle and shooting tripod. 3) Why I decided to go with the new Vortex Fury HD 5000 laser rangefinder binocular for this hunt. 4) Why I changed to a EXO Mountain Gear 4800 pack and why I'll be using trekking poles for this hunt. Resources Learn more about the ShadowTech PIG Saddle and Hog Saddle on their web site. Learn more about EXO Mountain Gear Packs here. Get your very own Vortex Fury HD 5000 laser rangefinder binoculars here. (affiliate link) Show Sponsor If you want to join a community where you can have these sorts discussions with other veteran hunters who have been there and done that, then you NEED to checkout huntingguns101.com. There, you’ll receive some specific rifle, cartridge, ammo, and scope recommendations tailored to YOUR specific hunting needs regardless of whether you want to hunt deer or pronghorn in the lower 48, moose in Alaska, or cape buffalo in Africa. You’ll also get access to a Facebook community EXCLUSIVELY for Big game Hunting Podcast listeners where you can get regular access to ME as well as lots of other experienced hunters and shooters who can answer your questions and give you feedback. And to top it all off, members receive EXCLUSIVE discounts on outfitted hunts through Big Game Hunting Adventures. Booking just ONE hunt will MORE than cover what it costs to join the group! In fact, you get so much useful stuff from joining the community that I’m practically giving it all way considering what I’m charging for it. Head on over to huntingguns101.com and sign up. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our Facebook group!
18 min
East Meets West Hunt
East Meets West Hunt
Beau Martonik
Ep. 151: Mountain Bucks Listener Q&A - Early/Mid Season
On this episode of the East Meets West Hunt podcast, Beau Martonik is going solo to answer your questions in regards to hunting big woods mountain bucks. This episode dives into Beau's perspectives on early/mid season hunting as it relates to hunting these elusive mountain bucks. He answers questions in regards to bedding, terrain, vegetation, food sources, hunting pressure and much more! Resources: Instagram: @eastmeetswesthunt - https://www.instagram.com/eastmeetswesthunt/ @beau.martonik - https://www.instagram.com/beau.martonik/ Facebook: East Meets West Outdoors - https://www.facebook.com/EastMeetsWestHunt/ https://www.eastmeetswesthunt.com/ Shop new apparel! https://www.eastmeetswesthunt.com/shop Amazon Influencer Page https://www.amazon.com/shop/beau.martonik Partners: onX Mapping at your finger tips on your phone, computer or GPS that will allow you scout harder, hunt farther and increase your success rates. This is the number 1 tool that I use every single time I'm in the woods or mountains. Use code EMW for 20% off of the Hunt app. https://www.onxmaps.com/ University of Elk Hunting Use code eastmeetswest to get 20% off of the most comprehensive elk hunting course available. https://www.elk101.com/onlinecourse/ Heather's Choice Healthy, great tasting, dehydrated meals for the backcountry. Use code eastmeetswest to get free shipping on ALL orders. http://lddy.no/7og2 Maven Optics Top quality binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes for your hunts from east to west. Use the code eastmeetswest-gift get a free gift with your next order! https://mavenbuilt.com/ MTN OPS MTN OPS is the leader in providing science based supplements to help you train inside and conquer more outside. Use the code BEAUFREESHIP for free shipping on all orders. https://glnk.io/mw0/beaumartonik TETHRD The Tethrd Team has created the ultimate tree saddle hunting setup. The Phantom Saddle and Predator Platform system is truly the culmination of ideas & input from thousands of dedicated tree saddle hunting fanatics around the world. https://tethrdnation.com/
49 min
Kifaru International
John Dudley: Mule Deer Hunt
John Dudley joins the podcast to give a detailed account of his successful Mule Deer Hunt in Eastern Colorado. With days of zero wind we went back to traditional mulie hunting of long hours glassing open and bedding country. Thankful that @aron_snyder came over to glass with me on the morning that my buck was spotted. This bucks safe place area was super deceptive!! Although this looks like a flat tumbleweed pasture it was actually a diverse section with a lot of unseen pockets and rolls and drainages unseen to the eye. The section was filled with 2 year old corn stalks under the dead grass, volunteer dried wheat, thorns, sand burs, dried switchgrass and head deep entanglements of tumbleweeds. It was a mess. What made it worse is when I got close enough for a shot after hours of of a stalk I just couldn’t see the bucks vitals and arrow deflection was no doubt a problem. Getting archery close to this buck once with all the other eyes in the field or bedded animals you didn’t expect was hard enough. But I had to do it THREE times over two days. The key here was just be so methodical and take advantage of the brief pockets of wind gust. Honestly this is where I praise Yoga and ability to balance while crouched and on one leg for a long period of time while I would be slowly trying to weave my foot that was up in the air down to the ground through the mess without making a noise. I’m proud of this one because it was a level 10 chess match. Nock On Archery Kifaru Become a Patron!
1 hr 19 min
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