Metralla Rosa
Metralla Rosa
May 14, 2020
Ep 16 with Rob Goodwin: Artist, Designer & Maker
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Artist | Designer | Maker

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Rob Goodwin is an extraordinary artist and a fantastic example of what it means to be born and bred with the belief that having London as your main source of creative inspiration and stylistic reference brings.

Rob began his career as a designer almost by accident, which is perhaps why his pieces are so easy to admire, yet so hard to pigeonhole. His visions are full of both fantasy and epic conspiracies that take you places without allowing you the time to acknowledge the inherent contradictions between his medieval and futuristic visions that create, in turn, unprecedented aesthetic discoveries.

Specialising in unique and inimitable leather pieces with elaborate artisanal detail, his creations are imbued with selfless dedication and a sophisticated attention to detail.

His creations have been worn by celebrities such as Madonna, Rihanna and Angelina Jolie, and have also been exhibited in art galleries, included in editorials of fashion and trend magazines, filmed in international commercials and starred in exquisite theatrical productions.

It is however, thanks to the histrionic nature of his pieces, that Rob has recently started an interesting career as an accessory designer for high-status film productions, and in this conversation Rob tells us in great detail how Hollywood came into his life, how he has survived moments of intense artistic doubt and what it’s like to gallop between Prague and London.

This conversation is an ode to the fragility that exists in the heart of every incorruptible creator. Listen to it in order to reconsider your own doubts and reconnect with the nobility of your own aspirations, ambitions and dreams. It will certainly be worth it.

And now, enjoy the interview!


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Artista | Diseñador | Artesano

Rob Goodwin es un artista extraordinario y un fantástico ejemplo de lo que significa nacer, crecer y creer en Londres como principal fuente de inspiración y como referencia estilística.

Rob inició su carrera como diseñador casi por accidente y quizás por ello sus piezas son fáciles de admirar y difíciles de encasillar. Sus visiones como diseñador están llenas de fantasía, y de conspiraciones épicas que te trajinan sin que tengas tiempo de reaccionar entre lo medieval y lo futurista, creando a su vez descubrimientos estéticos inéditos...for further information about this interview, including links to anything mentioned by Rob, or to continue reading this text in Spanish, English or Italian, visit the Metralla Rosa website. 

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