Metralla Rosa
Metralla Rosa
May 1, 2021
Ep 38 with Gaël Le Cornec: Actor, writer & director
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To sit in front of a young woman, full of energy and plans for the future and who has, at the same time, already achieved so much artistically and creatively, is incredibly inspiring. Gaël Le Cornec – our guest for this episode of Metralla Rosa – is a multi award wining actress, a tireless creator of dreams and a storyteller who places the value of good narrative above all else. Gaël creates works that use the immediacy and intimacy of theatre to delve into people’s stories and memories in order to explore themes such as gender, migration, displacement and stereotypes.

Born in the Amazon, in northern Brazil, Gaël is a writer, director and actress who moved to London at a young age, having already qualified with a degree in environmental biology. Once in London she did a masters in cultural studies and took a course that used theatre to teach English, thereby igniting her vocation as a storyteller and her desire to create in order to bring communities together with her art, which was often developed in close collaboration with organisations dedicated to defending the rights of women, young adults and migrants.

Skilled in the art of the monologue and widely recognised in London for her success as a one-woman-show, Gaël has not only played Frida Kahlo, Camille Claudel and Ana Mendieta, but also every female immigrant whose voice has been unjustly silenced. Despite her self-sufficiency as an artist and creator, Gaël’s strength lies in building alliances with other actors, activists and theatre companies and proudly assumes the mantle of representative to the community of Latin American migrants in the UK who fight against stereotypes that restrict, limit and pigeonhole us. The many obstacles she has come up against have only served to reinforce her need to develop her own theatrical style and defend her voice – and message – through thick and thin. Today Gaël continues to create a dignified reputation for herself within the world of international theatre and juggles to act, write and direct, whilst at the same time pass on the valuable lessons she has learned and which she knows she can translate into invaluable and constructive inspiration for future generations.

And now, enjoy the interview!


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