Metralla Rosa
Metralla Rosa
Feb 15, 2021
Ep 33 with Frank Gambino: Artist & Art Tutor
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Artist | Art Tutor 

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Known across London - and now the world, thanks to the rise in popularity of online sessions - for being an artist who is actively involved in the life drawing scene, Frank Gambino is a superstar of portraiture and figurative drawing. And although, as an artist he is energetically expressive, uses large-scale formats and practices constantly and uncompromisingly, Frank is also a creator who greatly values the benefits of anonymity, preferring to pass on to his students what he has learnt through his constant process of trial and error, than to see his work displayed in art galleries and salons.

With a reputation for being a Master of Charcoal, Frank draws almost every day of the week; in his studio, during life drawing sessions throughout London, in colleges and in independent groups - for which he also teaches and passes on, with an absolute passion and generous dedication, all that he has learnt over the years. In his experience, Frank believes that an artist's apprenticeship is never over and, with this in mind, he makes sure that his lifestyle reflects this. His early experiences within the art education system taught him to distrust any process that leads a student towards creating a business from their art, rather than focusing on the discovery of their artistic voice and style.

Frank's relationship with his creative process could be seen as an affectionate alliance - a friendship that walks alongside him - allowing his artistic freedom to grow without imposing any conditions or restrictions. Thanks to her experience as an art model, Carla is incredibly familiar with Frank's creativity and altruistic spirit, and it is precisely for this reason that she feared she would be unable to do justice to this elusive aspect of his character which is, after all, the one that keeps his visions so unquestionably alive.

We wanted this interview to shine a light on the tireless creator who lives within Frank, continuously expressing himself in a visceral, independently playful process that is seen in both the creation of Frank's work and the work itself. We will leave it to you to judge whether we have succeeded or not.

And now, enjoy the interview!


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