Metralla Rosa
Metralla Rosa
Jan 1, 2021
Ep 30 with Zeke Apollyon: High Cardinal of the Global Order of Satan
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High Cardinal of the Global Order of Satan 

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As the new year begins, it would appear that it is presenting itself to us as a fertile ground in which to seed the ideas and ideals for new mental paradigms and lifestyles. 2020 has, undoubtedly, helped us dismantle all kinds of structures that were previously perceived as being immovable – and it is on their ruins that we have already begun to build possible, alternative and parallel new worlds.

And it is precisely because this fundamental concept has been accepted in to our remote and immediate future that we, at Metralla Rosa, are beginning our new year of interviews with an outstanding and entirely relevant guest. Founding member and High Cardinal of The Global Order of Satan, Zeke Apollyon, joins us in this episode to kick start our year with what is clearly an extraordinary discussion: What does it mean to live under Satan’s rules? What does he believe it is that defines him as a Satanist? Is Satanism a philosophical construction or a religious practice? Why does humanity continue to have so many fears when it comes to the discussion of a concept that was created by men themselves, in order to deal with their own shadows?

You will be able to hear first hand, during this kind, open and conciliatory conversation with Zeke, that many of the answers are, indeed, very different from what must surely have been assumed until now. Thanks to this conversation you will discover the personal journey of a sensitive and intelligent man who, by redefining his own search for individuality, has vindicated his personal choices, absorbing a faith that is agnostic, progressive, inclusive and, above all, compassionate and humanistic.

Is it necessary to worship the devil in order to join a Satanic order? Is the devil merely an intellectual construct that frees you from the need of seeing yourself as a lamb of God? Is Lucifer, the morning star, merely a metaphor used to cast away the shadows within us? Discover the answers to these and many other questions in this, the conversation that Metralla Rosa has chosen to welcome you to 2021 with.

And now, enjoy the interview!


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