Metralla Rosa
Metralla Rosa
Nov 30, 2020
Ep 28 with Yurim Gough: Ceramicist & Artist
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Ceramicist | Artist

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By the age of 30, Yurim Gough had had an intense and successful 10 year career in the fashion industry. It was a career in which she had become an expert in the design and mass production process of the women’s footwear market, and which had allowed her to move from Seoul to Tokyo with the aim of dedicating herself to developing her own footwear brand. However, the very ambition that had driven her along this upward trajectory in the world of design and fashion, also gave her the ability to walk away from it all and move to England for love, leave Asia for the first time in her life and give herself over completely to the challenge of learning a new language, starting a new life and rediscovering the call of her artistic voice.

As a ceramist Yurim has a style that is impossible to ignore. Her pieces are modern, versatile, experimental and, thanks to the constant presence of faces and figures, explore our need for human connectivity. Yurim’s style has created a dynamic dialogue between her use of life models and the conception of her decorative clay pieces. Organic, seductive and multifunctional, her work displays the depth she has discovered within herself. Her creative universe is nourished by childhood memories, a loving observation of the models she uses, vast existential concerns and the need to communicate without filters or barriers.

Yurim is an introspective artist who expresses herself in a universally charming language. Her vases, bowls, containers, sculptures and canvases are the result of layers and layers of integrated observation and desire, all subjected to the hardest tests of all: the heat of the kiln and the judgment of her audience. The juxtaposition of her emotions and her search for containment are found in her stylistic challenges, as well as her need to conquer a tradition that is both ancestrally hers and at the same time, brand new. Discover, thanks to this warm and sweet conversation, how Yurim reinvented herself in England, how she transmuted the experience of Breast Cancer into a collection of 108 self-portraits entitled ‘VainEgo’, and how her passion for fashion and style continues to express itself in her fantastic bowls, disguised as naked bodies.

And now, enjoy the interview!


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Ceramista | Artista

A la edad de 30 años Yurim Gough contaba con una intensa y exitosa carrera de 10 años en la industria de la moda. Una carrera que la había llevado a conocer a fondo el proceso de diseño y producción en serie para el mercado de calzado femenino, y que le había permitido mudarse de Seúl a Tokio con la meta de dedicarse al desarrollo de su propia marca de calzado. Sin embargo, la misma ambición que le permitió desarrollar este ascendente....for further information about this interview, including links to anything mentioned by Yurim, or to continue reading this text in Spanish, English and Italian, visit the Metralla Rosa website

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