Metralla Rosa
Metralla Rosa
Jun 30, 2020
Ep 19 with Armando Alemdar Ara: Artist & art historian
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Artist | Art Historian

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Artists such as Armando Alemdar represent the archetype of the irreplaceable and unrepentant creator so well that it is impossible to imagine him doing anything else in life. For him, visual creation and intellectual reflection on art are inseparable experiences, both coexisting within him and his day-to-day life with unquestionable fluidity and naturalness.

Armando was born and raised in Macedonia, to a family that stimulated his creativity from the beginning, deliberately and unconsciously enriching and strengthening his interest in the arts and culture in thousands of ways. Perhaps for this reason it has proven to be relatively natural for Armando to create a deeply personal visual language, earning him a place on the international contemporary art market. And perhaps it is also for this that Armando studied Art History at Kingston University in London, becoming in turn a co-founder of the artistic movement Neomodernism, which lends a special relevance to the aesthetic and spiritual values present in an art work and which, guided by this philosophical and artistic vision, demands that the soul of the artwork be concentrated in the gaze.

This interview was recorded after the advice on social isolation due to Coronavirus was relaxed in the United Kingdom, and one of the more important aspects of the conversation was, without doubt, to discover just how seriously this disease had affected Armando’s health, and how his post Covid-19 work has been influenced by his illness.

The interview between Carla and Armando is full of reflections on both life and art. Between them they opened windows, dusted down deep memories and poured light onto sublime visions, something only the alchemy of good conversation can do, thanks to the miraculous properties of the spoken word. Hopefully you will feel the same and agree with these sentiments.

And now, enjoy the interview!


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Artista Plástica | Historiador del Arte

Artistas como Armando Alemdar, representan tan bien el arquetipo del creador impostergable e impenitente que es imposible imaginarlo haciendo cualquier otra cosa en la vida que no sea lo que hace. Para él la creación pictórica y la reflexión intelectual acerca del arte son experiencias indivisibles, y ambas conviven en su interior y en su día a día con una fluidez y una naturalidad inobjetables.

Armando nació y creció en Macedonia...for further information about this interview, including links to anything mentioned by Armando, or to continue reading this text in Spanish, English or Italian, visit the Metralla Rosa website. 

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