Be Sexy Eat Plants
Be Sexy Eat Plants
Dec 21, 2021
Moon Days: A Period Policy Every Employer Should Consider | Kristel De Groot
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Moon days are days when women are going through their period and just don’t feel like dealing with other people. The idea is to be able to talk to other people, such as those with whom you work and let them know what you’re going through so they can understand that you may be struggling. The goal is to make it easier to talk about your period, especially with the men around you, so that if you need to take a day or even just a half day off, they can understand. There needs to be a shift in the way we approach the period and make it more normal to discuss, so that’s our goal with this moon day idea. 
What are moon days? 1:09 
Understanding how hormones influence a woman’s wellbeing 4:31 
How we can make the period more understood and less taboo 6:47 
Moon balance 10:21 
Having less painful periods 12:53 
“If you’re listening to this and you’re like, “Yes, we totally need this in our organization.” Please, please go talk to your HR department manager. Go talk to, whether it’s the owner of the company or your manager, I think that we all should start talking about it and let’s make this rule within each organization that a moon day is something we can talk about and we can talk about periods to really truly empower women.” 10:44 

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