Be Sexy Eat Plants
Be Sexy Eat Plants
Jul 20, 2021
Seaspiracy with Kip Andersen | Using Film to Educate the World
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In this episode we meet with producer and writer, Kip Andersen, known for the documentaries Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, What The Health, and Seaspiracy. He tells us about how and why he got started on his plant based journey and into the film industry. Kip has learned a lot of things about the food industry, our health, and how it all affects how we live life or perceive our own well being. One amazing thing he has uncovered is how much animal meats and fats play a role in diabetes as opposed to the widely believed assumptions that it mainly comes from consuming sugar. We learn how much of the environment and forest is destroyed by man, and how much plastic affects the ocean and nature, and then we discuss the future of health and where Kip sees the industry going. 
Getting into a plant based journey and filmmaking 0:40 
About Cowspiracy 3:29 
How Kip went about making the movie 8:58 
Shocking aftermath of What The Health 18:16 
Seaspiracy 25:50 
Truths learned from Seaspiracy 30:28 
Plastic 33:44 
Hope for the future 36:45 
Foods Kip eats 43:33 
Where to learn more about Kip 46:01 
“All of our films have a facts page, and so if anyone debates you on this, go to our facts page. Every single one is double sourced. We have to go through so [many] legal protocols to have these films on Netflix because this is a trillion dollar industry. One false claim and they could sue us. So these facts are true. If they’re not, the egg industry would sue us, period.” 23:43 

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