The New Abnormal
Sean Pillot de Chenecey
Hi there! My podcast focuses on hope, community and resilience being the ways forward, regarding the impact of major cultural/social issues. (I'm pleased they've now been downloaded over 35,000 times.) Debating 'hope, community and resilience' has meant I've had some fascinating discussions with guests inc activists, creatives, writers, strategists, psychologists, lecturers, and futurists; who naturally illuminate their own life-stories and ongoing work. (Re: my background, I'm a researcher, public speaker and author. My first book 'The Post-Truth Business' focused on authenticity and ethics; the second 'Influencers & Revolutionaries' on innovation and behavioural change.) The insights gained in these podcasts, alongside ongoing trend research carried out c/o impact on my speeches and writing.
The New Abnormal
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