(Ep. 37) Montauk Project
44 min

Following up on our Philadelphia Experiment episode, PJ and Adriana tackle some stranger things in the Montauk Project!

First reported in a book by Preston B. Nicols and Peter Moon, Montauk Project delves into a secret government project that in some ways could be a continuation of MK Ultra and ion other ways is Project Stargate.

We talk about psychic chairs, mind created monsters, time travel, and a whole lot more! Don't miss this episode of Totally Plausible Conspiracy Theory!

"Totally Plausible Conspiracy Theory" is streamed LIVE on Twitch and uploaded to YouTube and wherever you find podcasts!

Music by Drake Campos

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The Micah Hanks Program
The Micah Hanks Program
Micah Hanks
Origin: Language, Consciousness, and Alien Life | MHP 11.16.20.
For centuries, humans have wondered whether alien life exists on other worlds. Today, astronomers agree that in the coming decades--perhaps within some of our lifetimes--we will discover alien life in some form. But if it ends up being intelligent, will humankind be capable of communicating with them? To know the answer to this begs further questions about the origins of language, and how that relates to the development of consciousness. Joining us for a deep discussion about this is Samuel Zinner Ph.D., a multidisciplinary scholar of languages and history who has lectured in the recent past on the origins of language. Zinner, also a lover of science fiction, muses about how understanding language and its relationship to consciousness might also aid us in understanding how alien life--and even intelligent extraterrestrials--might develop, and if discovered, how we might be able to successfully interact with them. We discuss everything from how communication with aliens might occur, to how language and myth are related to the subject of unidentified aerial phenomena on this edition of The Micah Hanks Program. The story doesn't end here... become an X Subscriber and get access to even more weekly content and monthly specials. Enjoy The Micah Hanks Program? Check out Micah's other podcasts here. This week's episode is brought to you by our friends at BuyTwoWayRadios.com. Supporting our sponsors is one way you can support this show. We are confident that Danny and the folks at Buy Two Way Radios offer the very best products and quality deals. Please visit their site by clicking here, to learn more about the two-way radios and other fine products for recreation, and for emergency preparedness, that they offer. Want to advertise/sponsor The Micah Hanks Program? We have partnered with the fine folks at AdvertiseCast to handle our advertising/sponsorship requests. If you would like to advertise with The Micah Hanks Program, all you have to do is email sales@advertisecast.com or click the link below to get started: AdvertiseCast: Advertise with The Micah Hanks Program Coronavirus Charities If you are able, please consider supporting the following charities that are offering relief for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Visit our Coronavirus Charities Page to learn more. Show Notes Below are links to stories and other content featured in this episode: * SpaceX's Dragon Crew-1 capsule launches, NASA's first 'operational' mission of commercial crew program * The 2020 Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks on Monday Night * The Rings of Ancient Trees May Hold Tales of Epic Space Explosions * SMiles Lewis Anomaly Archives ‘Streamathon’ Update * ‘He came back from the dead’: Lost Mount Rainier hiker starts to recover after rescue in whiteout conditions * Samuel Zinner, Ph.D. profile from Academia.edu * The Abrahamic Archetype: Conceptual and Historical Relationships between Judaism, Christianity and Islam by Samuel Zinner * Solaris by Stanislav Lem * Arrival, starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker X Subscriber Sign-Up BECOME AN X SUBSCRIBER AND GET EVEN MORE GREAT PODCASTS AND MONTHLY SPECIALS FROM MICAH HANKS. Sign up today and get access to the entire back catalog of The Micah Hanks Program, as well as “classic” episodes of The Gralien Report Podcast, weekly “additional editions” of the subscriber-only X Podcast, the monthly Enigmas specials, and much more. Like us on Facebook Follow @MicahHanks on Twitter Follow Micah on Instagram Visit Micah's Website and check out Our Podcast Page
1 hr 44 min
Belief Hole | Paranormal, Conspiracy and Other Tasty Thought Snacks
Belief Hole | Paranormal, Conspiracy and Other Tasty Thought Snacks
Belief Hole Podcast
2.22 | Sea Monster Attacks and Devils of the Deep!
Do sea serpents sightings seem too sensational for serious consideration?.. Consider harder!! On this episode, we dredge from the deep, accounts of vicious attacks of water beasts with deadly consequences. For centuries, these monstrosities have been encountered with startlingly similar characteristics, and to this day are still traumatizing their victims. So ready your harpoons and baton down the hatches as we set sail to discover the terrifying truth behind the worlds deepest, darkest, briniest secrets.. Also.. Jon's sauna breaks, Dolphin speed debates and the Wizards hid the dragons! Show Notes: https://beliefhole.com/sea-monster-attacks-real-devils-of-the-deep Expansion Episode: https://www.patreon.com/posts/43844655 TIMESTAMPS: 4:05 | Real Sea Monsters (Freaky) | why we’re doing this topic 13:42 | laconic Conversation 15:55 | The 1962 Pensacola Florida Sea Serpent Incident | Edward Brian McCleary 23:36 | Seneca Lake Monster Attack | 1899 24:47 | Pensacola Sea Monster | Story Continues 25:59 | Pensacola Sea Serpent | Skeptical Debate - David Goudsward 32:11 | Captain Hare, Trinity Shoal Lightship, Kills Behemoth | Story 34:24 | Washington Times, Henry Milligan, Steemer Aratus - sea serpent story 37:09 | Did Dragons Exist? Just Misidentified Dinosaur Bones? 39:50 | Chris’ Dino-Destruction Theory (Wizards) 41:07 | Expansion Preview - Time Slips and Glitches in Reality 47:54 | Skeptical Argument - Oarfish 48:55 | 1413 Catalonian Map | Mecia de Viladestes | Giant Fish Tales - Size of Islands 52:04 | Fall River Sea Monster Attack 1:07:15 | Historical Sea Serpent Corroboration 1:09:38 | Gloucester Sea Serpent Stories 1:12:09 | 1639 - Earliest North American Sea Monster Account | John Jocelyn Account 1:14:12 | Cassie Monster Encounter, 1779 Edward Preble 1:22:11 | SPECIAL PREVIEW - Expansion Improve Intro
1 hr 29 min
Into The Portal
Into The Portal
Into The Portal
149: Dark Russia: Rasputin's Reign
Rasputin’s life has remained shrouded in mysteries since his legendary assassination in 1916... His rise to power one of the most strange accounts in modern history. But was he really 'the Devil' as some have said? Was he possessed by some kind of strange otherworldly force, one that helped him ascend to places no other Siberian-born peasant ever dared venture, building up a mythical reputation that continues to thrive to this day...  SPECIAL THANK YOU to our Brand New Producer, Stanley of South Africa!!! Thank you so much for joining us, and thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters, and to all of our listeners!!  Need someone to talk to? Check out our sponsor Better Help (http://www.betterhelp.com/portal) and use promo code PORTAL to receive 10% off your first month :)  Want some exclusive bonus episodes of High Strangeness? A little goes a long way. Come and join ITP’s Patreon Community!  (https://www.patreon.com/intotheportal) Find Everything ITP here in one link! : The Gateway  (https://linktr.ee/IntoThePortal) Enjoy the show? Please leave us a 5 Star rating & review on Apple Podcasts (https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/into-the-portal/id1335393049) or wherever you listen :)  We’d like to thank our regular sponsors of the show BetterHelp.com (https://www.betterhelp.com/start/?go=true&transaction_id=102c00dfd933a6ce86298fc1f752fd&utm_source=podcast&utm_campaign=281&utm_medium=Desktop&utm_content=&utm_term=portal¬_found=1&gor=start) and all of our Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/intotheportal) Supporters!!!
1 hr 42 min
Expanded Perspectives
Expanded Perspectives
Expanded Perspectives
The Amber Room
On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about what they have been up to lately. Then, Kyle talks about a recent sighting of a large bioluminescent flying Bat Man seen in Guyana, South America. Then, Cam tells a horrific story of a man abducted and then killed by a Sasquatch back in the 1970s. After the break Cam tells the strange story about the lost Amber Room! During WWII, Hitler’s Nazis stole some 600,000 pieces of art from across Europe. By the end of the war, billions of pounds worth of artwork had been scattered to the four winds, the Nazi looting had been on an industrial scale. Whilst some pieces of stolen art have been returned to their rightful owners, many are still missing, including a priceless collection of stunning amber panels, known as the Amber Room - perhaps the most valuable items ever looted by the fascist regime. The room was called the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ and one of Russia’s most treasured artifacts. After its looting, the room was returned to Germany and put on display, but it disappeared in the closing months of the war. Its fate is one of the greatest mysteries of WWII. All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: * Huge White Bioluminescent Flying 'Man-Bat' Observed in Guyana, South America * Sasquatch Abducts and Kills Native Man * The Amber Room Want to share your story? * Email: expandedperspectives@yahoo.com * Hotline: 888-393-2783 Music: * All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Epidemic Sound!
1 hr 28 min
Somewhere in the Skies
Somewhere in the Skies
Ryan Sprague/ Entertainment One (eOne)
The Pentacle Memorandum
On episode 188 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we are welcomed once again by author and podcast host, Micah Hanks, to discuss the highly debated two-page document lost in between the files of Project Blue Book. In 1967, noted astronomer and computer scientist, Jacques Vallée, was helping organize the overwhelming amount of backlogged files of Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He discovered a letter amongst the files that both fascinated and shocked him. It was stamped in red ink ‘SECRET – Security Information.’ and signed by a man Vallée would refer to only as "Pentacle." Was a secret UFO study running parallel to Project Blue Book and were those involved actually monitoring UFO events in real-time? Even more mysterious, was this secret group simulating planned UFO events as well? Hanks runs us through this highly intriguing Pentacle Memorandum from a historical context and then answers listener questions.  Visit Micah Hanks at: www.micahhanks.com  Website: www.somewhereintheskies.com YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE Official Store: CLICK HERE Order Ryan's Book by CLICKING HERE Twitter: @SomewhereSkies Instagram: @SomewhereSkiesPod Watch Mysteries Decoded for free at www.CWseed.com Episode edited by Jane Palomera Moore Opening Theme Song, "Ephemeral Reign" by Per Kiilstofte SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES is part of the eOne podcast network. To learn more, CLICK HERE Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/somewhere-in-the-skies.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 30 min
Strange Familiars
Strange Familiars
Strange Familiars
Bigfoot and Fae Experiences
Bryan shares stories of experiences with fae and bigfoot; a lucid dream which featured grays; UFOs; gifting stories; The Old Man on the Hill; and more. Bryan and Timothy compare notes on tree structures. If you would like to help us continue to make *Strange Familiars* , get bonus content, t-shirts, stickers, and more rewards, you can become a patron: http://www.patreon.com/StrangeFamiliars If you would prefer a one-time payment to help us out, here is a PayPal.me link - you can change the number 25 in the URL to any amount: https://www.paypal.me/timothyrenner/25 Our *Strange Familiars / Lost Grave* etsy shop has art, books, patches, t-shirts, and more ... including original art done for Strange Familiars: https://www.etsy.com/shop/lostgrave *Strange Familiars* t-shirts and other designs are available here: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/strange-familiars?ref_id=14000 *Episode 202 notes and links:* *Bryan’s email:* alongadifferentpath@gmail.com *90 Days to the Perfect Puppy:* https://perfectpuppies.sithappens.us/90-days *Riverbend Comics:* https://www.riverbendcomics.com ( https://www.riverbendcomics.com/ ) *Karmic Garden:* https://www.etsy.com/shop/KarmicGarden Episode artwork by Timothy. *Timothy* ’s book of paranormal illustrations, *Apparitions* , is available to pre-order now… directly from us: https://www.strangefamiliars.com/home/apparitions-illustrations-of-the-other-book or, if you prefer, on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/877387099/apparitions-art-book-by-timothy-renner *Timothy* ’s book, with co-author *Joshua Cutchin* is available on Amazon: *Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon, volume 1* ( https://www.amazon.com/Joshua-Cutchin/dp/B0882N61XN/ ) *Strange Familiars Photo of the Week #49: A Perfect Puppy!* PerfectPuppy-web.jpg ( https://www.etsy.com/listing/893587852/perfect-puppy-strange-familiars-photo-of ) You can purchase this photo in our etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/893587852/perfect-puppy-strange-familiars-photo-of *Timothy* ’s books: https://www.amazon.com/Timothy-Renner/e/B072X44SD5 *Strange Familiars ‘Awoken Tree’* t-shirts are available in our Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/739690857/strange-familiars-podcast-awoken-tree *Alison* : https://www.etsy.com/shop/odpeacock *Chad* ’s ** YouTube channel: ** https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNB7MSJ2F1SRBPcQsEFLnvg (make sure to subscribe to Chad’s channel, *Ruck Rabbit Outdoors*.) Contact us via email at: strangefamiliarspodcast@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/strangefamiliars Join the *Strange Familiars Gathering* group on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/strangefamiliars/ instagram: @strangefamiliars http://www.strangefamiliars.com ( http://www.strangefamiliars.com/ ) Intro and background music by *Stone Breath*. You can find more at http://stonebreath.bandcamp.com ( http://stonebreath.bandcamp.com/ ) The closing song is Morning Wake by *Timothy*. You can find this song on the ** album, Songs for the Very Quiet Ones : https://stonebreath.bandcamp.com/album/songs-for-the-very-quiet-ones Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/strange-familiars/donations Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands
1 hr 19 min
Hysteria 51
Hysteria 51
Spring-Heeled Jack Revisited | Bonus
HOUSEKEEPING!!! WANT ME FLUFF PILLOW??? Maybe not that housekeeping, but it is a housekeeping week on Hysteria 51. We are switching to new host. What does that mean for you? Nothing, everything stays the same. But for us it just means some backend stuff while we get everything transitioned over. We will be back next week with brand new content, but until then enjoy one of our favorites from the back catalog, Spring-Heeled Jack! Original Description This week we hop BACK over the pond to merry ol’ England to tackle a most vile and sinister serial…slapper? Well – slapper, groper, fire belcher, carriage crasher, and more. This week we’re looking into the legend of Spring Heeled Jack. This mischievous prankster allegedly had metal claws, could leap over 10 ft. walls, breath blue fire, apparently loved to slap authority figures, and cause carriages to crash. But who was this British bouncer? Is this just a folk tale re-told over the years to explain away hundreds of different events, was there a person of extraordinary ability terrorizing the countryside, or were these just a series of glorified fraternity pranks? David Flora of the Blurry Photos podcast joins the fun to help us uncover the identity of Britain’s strangest urban legend. Plus, Conspiracy Bot tries to get rid of Flora (he’s protective of BRENT’S beer), the fellas all try their hands at a British accent and fail miserably (shocking), and a related ghost in Long Island sounds eerily similar to Keanu Reeves (whoa). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never terrified women by blowing fire into their face, we do it the old-fashioned way, by letting them see our work ethic and bank account – Hysteria 51. Special thanks to this week’s research sources Research Assistant – Raymond Walden IV Books The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack | Karl Bell The Mystery of Spring-Heeled Jack: From Victorian Legend to Steampunk Hero | John Matthews Videos The Mystery Of Spring Heeled Jack – https://bit.ly/2Wpxk4Z Cryptids and Monsters: The Spring-Heeled Jack – https://bit.ly/2FyRO4H Websites Wikipedia – https://bit.ly/1rPK59y Atlas Obscura – https://bit.ly/2JAEkJO Historic UK – https://bit.ly/2JJTGNd BBC – https://bbc.in/2p6amzN Mysterious Universe – https://bit.ly/2uwobvA Blurry Photos – http://www.blurryphotos.org Find More Great Podcast ForthHand Media - http://forthhand.com/shows/   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 10 min
iNTO THE FRAY RADIO - An Encounter with the Abyss that is the Paranormal
iNTO THE FRAY RADIO - An Encounter with the Abyss that is the Paranormal
Shannon LeGro
iTF 267: The Doll House
Jason Hewlett of the docu-series, We Want to Believe joins me once again to discuss a very active, haunted location in Canada. Children's laughter, shadows, and even full-body apparitions are experienced there. And that's just upstairs...what's in the basement seems to be much darker. ​ Watch The Doll House: Part 1 HERE We Want to Believe Facebook Page Thanks to Jeremy Enfinger of The Storage Papers podcast for the EVP catch and isolation! Want even more iTF content? Head to Patreon.com and check out the various pledge levels! Besides the interactive live video and bonus audio content? Rewards include...YOUR OWN PRIVATE RSS LINK, (so you can listen to all bonus episodes via your podcatcher) an exclusive Discord channel where we chat everyday, an invite to the secret Facebook group, signed books, and more! Watch Shannon as the host in, On the Trail of UFOs! Free on Amazon! Shorter encounter? Call it into the iTF Hotline: 702-291-8557. Need more time? Just call back! If you love Bigfoot... pick up, BEYOND THE FRAY: BIGFOOT. Co-authored with acclaimed and bestselling author, G. Michael Hopf! It is available NOW on Amazon. It includes some of the chilling accounts you know and love from my show, along with several documented for the first time, anywhere. Get the Kindle, paperback or audiobook version. BEYOND THE FRAY: BIGFOOT 2 is in the works! Email me at shannon@intothefrayradio.com to get your encounter(s) included within! Get your copy and show it off...tag away! And please don't forget to leave a review on Amazon once you're finished. If you'd like a signed and personalized copy, send $19.99 (free shipping within the U.S. only) to beyondthefrayllc@gmail.com through Paypal. Be sure to include your address and any specific inscription instructions for your book! BEYOND THE FRAY: PARAMALGAMATION is available on Amazon right now! Geoff and I have also created BEYOND THE FRAY PUBLISHING! Visit our website for information on getting YOUR book published with us. We focus on topics that fall into the paranormal, cryptid and true crimes genres, both fiction and non-fiction. Find us on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to iTF on YouTube! Have a story you’d like to share? Please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE or via email, shannon@intothefrayradio.com Follow iTF: Facebook: Join the interactive group and please hit that like, and share button, on the official iTF page Twitter: Official iTF and Shannon’s personal account Shannon's Instagram Various iNTO THE FRAY gear available at intothefrayradio.threadless.com Subscribe to iNTO THE FRAY for free in Spotify, Overcast, iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and most ALL other podcatchers. If you enjoy the show, please take a moment to rate and review, as it helps others locate iNTO THE FRAY. That means more encounter stories for you to enjoy! iNTO THE FRAY is proudly part of the KGRA Radio Network, KPNL Radio, and Midnight.FM. Check out these fantastic networks and find another great show to add to your list. All artwork and logos by Mister-Sam Shearon Music for this episode of iTF provided with permission by: Tanek & Electus
54 min
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