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Episode 35: How to Enjoy Tequila AND Turmeric with Kristen Olsen
Jun 24, 2020 · 49 min
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In this episode I bring on a fellow podcaster and marketing expert Kristen Olsen, host of the podcast Turmeric and Tequila. Listen to this informative discussion on her cool podcast and sports marketing philosophy. What really caught my attention was that cool podcast name; listen is as we discuss that juxtaposition. We chat about what it means in relation to sports nutrition, and making peace with food and enjoying life without dismantling our values. We are providing listeners with some great nutrition and marketing tips and ideas, and just having a great conversation. Listen in as we disrupt the diet culture and health trends. 


Kristen Olsen is the host of the Turmeric and Tequila podcast and founder of KO Alliance, a marketing company that looks to align brands and messaging from fitness professionals and companies alike. Kristen is an experienced and innovative marketing professional with 18 plus years of experience in brand development and management and particular expertise with integrated marketing strategies, strategic territory management and relationship building. Broad based background encompasses heavy experience within highly competitive athletic apparel, CPG, and event markets. She’s also had an incredible athletic history as three-time captain for the George Mason University, Division 1 Lacrosse team, five-time CrossFit Game Athlete, and has been involved in a multitude of lacrosse and CrossFit competitions. I’m really excited to bring her philosophy and expertise to the One Small Bite world. 


Hope you enjoy the show, and I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to hit me up on my social channels Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or feel free to message me at my website and let me know how’s it going. A little accountability goes a long way! 


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Once again, I greatly appreciate you for listening and supporting my show. Remember, it really only takes One Small Bite over time to transform your life, so let’s – Chop the diet mentality; Fuel your body; and Nourish your soul! 

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