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This was one of my favourite conversations EVER!

I sit down with Maya Kale, half of the Founding team of Moom to discuss their story and uncover some of the lessons learned, challenges overcome and successes they had along the way.

Maya is an entrepreneur through and through. She is a beacon of light championing modern asian women's wellness along with her sister Mili. It’s amazing to see and it was phenomenal to sit down with her to discuss the journey of building Moom over the course of the last year and a half.

If you’re an entrepreneur or in business right now and you want an inside peek into what it's like to build a DTC business from scratch, raise capital, hire a team and tackle an underserved industry all at the same time - this is the episode for you!

What I love about this story is the ambition. It's fuelled by a no holds barred approach, we’re all in and we're going for it whatever it takes. 

Maya even calls this out as one of the success strategies “we didnt second guess it and we just went full speed ahead”. I think we can all apply a little of this Moom founder spirit to our own goals and mission.

Whatever it is today that you’re facing, you heard it here, from Maya Kale, go after your dreams and don’t second guess it. 

This is the story of Female Founders building a community that supports the modern asian woman! It’s incredible.

Two sisters, working to change the face of the women's wellness industry. 

Mili always wanted to build a product, Maya always wanted to do something in the women’s health space. 

Moom was born. https://moom.health/

A personal supplement company for the modern asian woman. This D2C brand has taken off. 

They realised pretty early on that they needed to build a business that they had an emotional experience and something in the world they wanted to change. 

Maya's journey and battle with PCOS lead to a passion for addressing womens wellness through supplements. She didn't feel like herself, she prescribed pill, got off pill, went to naturopaths, told to go online get supplements, this was the lightblub moment - how do you know the quality? What are the doses? Lots of questions - there really hasn't been a brand made for the millennial asian woman. 

In this episode we go on to discuss why learning to trust your gut as an entrepreneur is so important and many of the lessons looking back that occurred. It’s full of GOLD!

I love this line from Maya “the openness you should have is the concept of being able to learn from everything not necessarily that you should take all the advice you are given”. It’s so applicable in todays society from the gurus online to the advice of friends and family.  In relation to getting started Maya says “making sure you just start is so important”.

We chatted about the importance of celebrating individual wins, this is a goal for 2023 for Maya. Taking half a day to do something she wants to do. Maya also shares the importance of not to feel guilty around taking down time and the values of the business, including building Moom with and for their community. We talk about how to go about selecting a VC - Maya drops this gold, “the questions the VC asked were the questions we were asking ourselves”.

We discuss what its like starting a business with your sibling, and much more.

Grab a cuppa and a notepad and get stuck in!

Moom https://moom.health/
Sleep and Stress https://moom.health/pages/sleep-and-stress
Maya Kale https://www.linkedin.com/in/maya-kale/?originalSubdomain=sg

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