Using Other People's Doubts to Fuel Your Own Success with Kara Goldin
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Kara Goldin is a big believer in not taking “no” for an answer. For her, the question that follows is, “Why not?” And this is part of what drove her to found Hint Water, now a popular brand sharing shelves in supermarkets next to other major players in the beverage industry. 

Kara initially got the idea for Hint Water after she decided to cut out Diet Coke, which she had been drinking since she was in high school. It was hard to do, she said, but she noticed a lot of changes. She says she lost 24 pounds in two and a half weeks. And her skin, which had acne, was starting to clear up. But compared to Diet Coke, water was boring! People want something with more to it. And Kara wanted to provide them with that healthy but tasty alternative. So Kara decided to do something about it, and Hint Water was born. 

She faced many obstacles along the way, including the fact that this was not an industry she was familiar with, and there were naysayers telling her she couldn’t make drinks with real fruit but no preservatives. Yet she proved them wrong, all while pregnant with her fourth child!

In this episode, we talk about Kara’s inspirations, struggles, and what’s needed to start a company from scratch. Learn what Hint almost was called, how Kara’s husband came to join the company, and how her business helped shape her kids’ outlooks and mindsets.

What you’ll learn: 

  • How Hint Water got started 
  • Marketing of diet drinks
  • What’s needed to start a company
  • Sacrifices in business 
  • Women in business 
  • Exacting change and how the next generations are thinking in new ways
  • Encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset in kids
  • Surrounding yourself with people you can learn from
  • Not taking “no” for an answer
  • How the name Hint came to be

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