Behind The Scenes of Success with Alex Isenberg
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Today, we live in such a fast-paced world that many people think success can simply come from one viral, random post on the internet. This fast-paced nature of things is slowly eroding the importance of working hard from people's minds.

On this episode, Lara chats with multi-talented entertainer Alex Isenberg about the importance of working hard to achieve success as they both share how hard work helped them achieve success in their various fields. 

Alex Isenberg is a talented actor, singer, dancer, and all-around entertainer. Alex is the resident choreographer and creative director for the musical group, Duelle.

He's appeared in Vogue, Dance, and Cool (Singapore) Magazine as a dancer and model. In his spare time, he teaches workshops, choreographs dances, and serves as a competitive dance judge across the United States.

Despite coming from a solid background, Alex has put the work in to achieve the level of success he possesses right now.

How do you position yourself for success? Why should you be working hard? What happens when you put in the work, but it doesn't seem to be paying off? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you listen to this podcast episode with Alex Isenberg and Lara schmoisman. 

 Things You’ll Learn: 

  • The importance of putting in the work 
  • Maintaining balance in an omni-skill world 
  • How to deal with rejection and come out stronger in the end 
  • The danger of seeking instant gratification in the pursuit of success 
  • Why exactly does it mean to be resourceful? 

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