Strategic Thinking and Decision-making with Jennifer Davis
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Jennifer Davis is a creative and motivational marketing executive. She currently serves as the chief marketing and communications officer for Learfield, a media and technology company in the area of collegiate athletics. She drops in to share with us some of her marketing expertise and opinions as well as a discussion of her upcoming book “Well-Made Decisions.”

Jennifer has a wealth of marketing and leadership experience. She started her career writing installers for a software company. From there, she just ascended into success. She has led product marketing for the Training and Certification business at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She has leadership experience stealing digital transformation through organic and inorganic business growth for both entrepreneurial start-ups and Fortune 500 organizations. She has also been a Forbes contributor.

Her major emphasis when it comes to business communication and marketing is pushing to have high performance workers that are in-tune with the needs and wants of the customer. From there, she shares how this allows for an instinctual advocacy for the customer that builds loyalty and increases sales. Everything comes back to the customer’s needs. 

Her book “Well-Made Decisions” allows business owners to maximize their decision-making to create a better working environment and customer experience. Like inventions, decision-making is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Also, most of the work happens after the choice is made and the implementation begins. 

The Paperback and ebook are currently available! The hardcover will be available soon in November. 

Things you’ll earn:

  • The components of decision-making
  • The importance of having high-performance workers on your team
  • How to tap into “luck” within your business
  • What is the Luck Factor?

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