The Future is Here: Learning Through VR with Taylor Freeman from Axon Park
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Virtual Reality is evolving beyond the entertainment industry. Taylor Freeman, founder and CEO of Axon Park is very aware of the possibilities that VR has to offer. Spatial computing can improve our learning experience, and as Taylor says, it’s not here to replace the real or physical practice, we should see it as a resource to help us to learn procedures. With Axon Park, they created a virtual campus to provide medical training, but the goal is to expand it in the upcoming year. Taylor explains how this technology works and how it is changing the world, and what we should expect in the years to come.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What do VR, AR, XR terms mean? The difference between each one. 
  • What a virtual campus is and how it works. What is Axon Park’s goal?
  • How can VR help with training in different disciplines? It’s not about replacing the real practice, it’s about learning procedures in a new way. Taylor shares some case studies results. 
  • The next steps for spatial computing. Taylor projects where this technology will take us and how it can interact with other types of technology. How can this be beneficial not just  for our learning process, but also in our working places?

Visit Axon Park.

Instagram: @taylorpfreeman

Twitter: @taylorpfreeman

LinkedIn: @taylorpfreeman

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