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Paternity leave, career progression and dealing with guilt - with Ashley Pierre
Oct 20, 2019 · 45 min
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Welcome back to The Career Dad Show. This week I speak with Ashley Pierre, who shares his experience of what paternity leave can really be like... particularly when you turn up for a work event whilst on paternity leave!

We also talk about entitled kids, career progression for mums and dads, and how society is still geared to mothers taking the lion(esse)'s share of raising kids... and what impact that can have on a dad's feelings of guilt, anxiety and mental health.


  • 3m 14s: Age gap between kids
  • 6m 40s: Terrible 2s, or entitled kids?
  • 8m 01s: All about Paternity Leave
  • 11m 55s: Having a home birth?!
  • 12m 43: Second time round…
  • 14:49: Attending a work event whilst on paternity leave
  • 19m 22s: Dealing with guilt as a modern-day man
  • 23m 14s: One reason why women are put off from working in tech
  • 24m 45: Progressing your career for you
  • 26m 36s: Society is still geared towards women raising children
  • 30m 53s: Our parents’ take on work-life balance
  • 32m 48s: Shared Parental Leave
  • 38m 35s: Mental health, guilt, anxiety and therapy

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