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Flexibility: The Great Equaliser, with James Vale
Jul 13, 2020 · 41 min
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This week I speak with James Vale, who is the VP of payment security at Barclaycard.

Flexibility is super important to James - I mean, he brought it up during the interview process. It means James can do his job, be an active father, and also support his wife’s career in investment banking.

So how has lockdown impacted James’ family life? Let’s find out, with Flexibility - The Great Equaliser.


  • 0m 40s: Geekishly passionate about payment security
  • 3m 10s: What did flexibility look like before lockdown?
  • 10m 06s: Flexibility: The Great Equaliser
  • 18m 32s: The enjoyment of work
  • 29m 44s: A guys’ club conversation

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