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Joan Breibart
Joan Breibart is a New York-based INVENTOR who holds nine patents, has authored four books, and edited 20 titles. She is also the person who re-launched the Pilates Method in 1991 and made it a household name in a decade. She posted NINE podcasts pre-COVID which are now grouped as Season 1. Post-COVID begins with a new podcast Episode 1 in Season 2 posted on April 8. All that will follow will address making the LEMONADE from the COVID lemon: attacking obesity which even without diabetes is a risk for the Virus. "EAT Healthy" is a lie. Eating less and feeling full is the solution. The only solution. Food Scarcity will force the Wellness Bitches to retreat. Bye-Bye Body Positivity. No more superfoods or "good" ones -- you eat whatever is available-- and the pickings will be slim. Covid 19 will affect not just the phony hugging of adults but also the PHONY PC Pretend that the Media dishes out. ((2019) an 80Bites The Dancers Diet on Amazon
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