Holistic is NOT the Alternative - w/ Adam Continenza
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Do you know what it means for something to be called "Holistic?" 

What exactly is "holistic healthcare" let alone the philosophy of "holism?"

I'd bet you that you're far more holistically minded than you think. 

Which, as you'll find out from this episode, is no surprise, because it's embedded within our very makeup

Your body-mind-emotions-relationships-soul... it's ALL holistic. 

When we finally learn how to add it all together, take a step back and look at the bigger picture of our lives, we find out that we are far greater than any piece of our lives that we could possibly parse out and measure under a microscope. 

That our universe is far greater than anything we could capture with a telescope. 

And that we are intimately connected to all of it. 

Tune in with my brother, Adam Continenza, and me as we explore various aspects of holistic living and start to paint a picture of just how grand your life's story really is. 

*Note: I made at least one mistake in my reporting of stats. At one point in the episode, I state that our protein encoding DNA makes up approximately 5% of our genome and that the rest is what has formerly been called "junk DNA." This is false. Latest estimates put protein encoding DNA at 1-2% of the total, while other gene and regulatory sequences make up approximately 25%, leaving about 73-74% left for the "rest" of us. 

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