A Story of Wholeness
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Our story influences our reality in myriad ways. 

Sets the stage for our thoughts, words and actions...

Colors our moods and emotions...

Sets the frame of reference for our selection and interpretation of facts...

Dictates how, when and where we attribute a sense of meaning and significance in the world...

And, if we don't get our story straightened out, we're destined to become stuck in someone else's preprogramed reality - rife with all the pitfalls of their shortcomings and lacking the perks of our own unique potential - robbing ourselves and the world of that which can only be made perfect through the uninhibited expression of wholeness inherent within each individual.

If you were to challenge the story you've been told about the nature of existence, set your imagination free and build a new interpretation of creation based on your highest hopes and wildest dream, how positively impactful and filled with blessings would your life become? 

I'll take a go at it in this week's episode, "A Story of Wholeness." 

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