Kekoa Collective - Mindful Living
Kekoa Collective
Mindful Living for us is to live by three simple life rules: work hard, play hard, and do good. It is with this passion and joy that we live. It’s a life of humble means in terms of material wealth, but infinite in terms of happiness and self-fulfillment. In short, sharing, learning and teaching extends into our everyday life…in or out of the ocean…on or off the mat.What we do for a living is a direct extension of who we are and how we live. We are surfers and jiujiteros who are curious and therefore addicted to traveling. We are aspiring photographers and foodies. We want to be difference-makers in our community, and we aspire to be the role model for others. We love hiking and getting lost. We love the outdoor. We recycle, and some of us even grow our own food. We make music, see music, take pictures, stay out late, have families, and have dogs and cats that sleep on our beds or on our desks. Collectively, we go through a lot of wax, gis, coffee, beer, wine and poke. And most importantly, we keep each other in check and grounded. This might make us fanatics, but it can't be helped; we love what we do and how we live...we want to inspire all of you to follow the movement!
Kekoa Collective - Mindful Living
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