Shop Talk For Extraordinary Entrepreneurs
Misty Kortes
I don’t know your story (yet), so I don’t know what you’ve had to overcome to make it this far in your entrepreneurial journey, but I do know how lonely entrepreneurship can feel. Friends don’t understand. Family might think you’re crazy. But one thing that is clear is your success matters.  Shop Talk is a show for entrepreneurs who are looking for simple, actionable, step-by-step marketing strategies that work.  My mission is to give you the training, guidance, tools, resources, community, and accountability you will need in your journey.  Whether you are just starting your online business or have gotten this far through pure git, you are in the right place, my friend! I’ve got actionable content, expert interviews, behind-the-scene marketing secrets, and business hacks geared toward helping you build the business of your dreams and the life you deserve. Let's do this!  Be sure to grab all the show notes here:
Shop Talk For Extraordinary Entrepreneurs
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