Joyous Expansion and The Church of Awesome
Joyous Expansion #14: Mark Perez – Empowering the Future by Helping Students and Speakers
Feb 11, 2019 · 50 min
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In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his issue with consistency. How being inconsistent has made it so he has never succeeded in a way that he has wanted to. Then he has an amazing interview with a young motivational speaker on how he got started in motivational speaking and how he is taking it to the next level with speech coaching.

Who is Mark?

As a Tedx/ Youth Motivational speaker, world-class speech coach, and occasional stand-up comedian Mark travels to remind people why they are here. When people commit to their one thing in life. Great progress happens and that is how we make solving the world problems easy.



After graduating from high school the recurring problem that I and other students suffer from is learning aimlessly. All through school we have been taught to learn for grades. But never learn for value, a vision and a purpose. As a speaker, my defining moment is going to see the 1999 world champion of public speaking speak in my hometown and very nervously I walked up to him and said: "I hope to be like you one day." With a big smile, he looked at me and said: "Change your I hope to I am and you are halfway there". Sparking the I am idea. The I am moment is what I travel for, to remind others of their "I am". Are you ready for yours? I know I am:)



"To remind people why they are here so that united we create progress in the world and in our lives"


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