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Winking Kat Tales: Aesop's The Sun, The North Wind, & The Man
Apr 18, 2020 · 19 min
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Green Series: Ages 4 and Up
Copyright © 2018 by P. Haines-Ainsworth & Terence Alaric Levitt
Produced by Winking Kat Books 2020

This episode is the second in our series of short musical adaptation of popular Aesop Fables.  This episode features two fun tales, "The Sun, The North Wind, & The Man"  and "The Crows & The Pitcher". 
"The Sun, The North Wind, & The Man"
tells about a contest long ago between the Sun and the cold and blustery North Wind.  The North Wind bet the Sun that he was stronger and more powerful.  When they saw a man in a field below them, the North Wind bet the Sun that he could make the man lose his coat and hat.  He tried to force the coat off the man by bullying the poor shepherd by blowing his cold winds at the man.  The Sun, instead sent her warm rays down upon the man.  Which one do you think makes the man lose his coat?

"The Crows & The Pitcher" is an adaptation of the fable of the clever crow who uses his ingenuity to get water from deep inside a pitcher on a hot and sunny day.  It's not easy because the water is at the very bottom of the pitcher.  But the crow uses a little science to help himself and his thirsty friends to the cool water.

Book & Lyrics by P. Haines-Ainsworth   Music by Terence Alaric Levitt
Cast: Patricia Haines-Ainsworth, Danny Miller, Adrian Cerrato, Jenna Jordan, Kyla Roberts.
Piano: Terence Alaric Levitt

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