Progression from Binge Eating to Weight Loss: Emotions
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Most people who join our coaching program don't just want to recover from binge eating or emotional eating, they also want to lose weight! But as many people have discovered, trying to choose weight loss behaviours often triggers binge eating. This raises the question, "how will I ever lose weight in the future if right now I need to eat so often (and without any form of limits) to avoid binge eating?" 

The answer: Right now you may need frequent meals and snacks and absolutely zero limitations to stay binge-free, but it won't always be that way.  If you build up your skills through practice, in the future you will be able to handle more challenges and stay binge free, including things that might overwhelm you today. 

In this episode we share a progression of emotional skills. These are the type of things that our clients learn BEFORE they move anywhere near a calorie deficit. When you have these skills built up, you are more able to resist binge eating in the future, and are in a better place to take small steps towards losing weight.

So if you want to lose weight in the future, take the time to master this progression, step by step. Keep your current focus not bingeing, and building up your emotional power, and you'll be ready for the weight-management progressions coming up in the next few episodes! 

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