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How to Understand and Manage Anxiety with Nina K. Moore
Apr 14, 2020 · 1 hr 12 min
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What is the difference between good terrifying and bad terrifying? Is it nervousness or is it anxiety? We might even mistake excitement for anxiety. 

These feelings can be similar, but that can also be quite confusing. I am glad to have Nina K. Moore back to talk about anxiety and its many manifestations, and also how people can learn to better manage the anxiety that comes from having anxiety.
Imagine if we told people to walk off a broken foot instead of advising them to go to a doctor and getting their injury treated. 

Many people may not acknowledge their difficulties with anxiety because their experience isn’t visible like a broken foot. 

And for those who have anxiety, it can cause even greater anxiety about their anxiety because they may not look to be struggling from the outside.

What’s Inside:

  • Nina shares some of the many different manifestations of anxiety.
  • The difference between shallow breaths and deep, belly breaths. 
  • The role of anxiety on a person’s physical health.
  • We talk about the fight-or-flight response and anxiety. 
  • Anxiety itself is not a personality trait.

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More detailed show notes available at Life Stuff 101, Episode 46.

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