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Couples Therapy to Proactively Protect Relationships with Matt Cahill
Feb 18, 2020 · 44 min
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There can be pretty big misconceptions about couples therapy being the beginning of the end of a relationship. Matt Cahill, a registered psychotherapist who works with both couples and individuals, sees couples therapy as a proactive measure that can help couples communicate more effectively and protect their relationship from the stresses of inevitable changes and differences.

This shift in how we talk about and understand what’s possible within couples therapy can allow people to take preventative steps to evolve and redefine their relationship so it can continue to meet their needs.

Couples who proactively seek out therapy before they have a big change in their lives, like deciding to co-habitate (live together), marriage or a new baby, are better equipped to deal with the change. Approaching couples therapy as a preventative therapy frames the work a couple will do with the therapist as positive and affirming.

Matt talks about rethinking the idea of relationship failures, the role of a relationship within the context of the larger community, and also gives us some helpful advice for couples.

What’s Inside:

  • Matt explores some alternative routes to couples therapy, if cost is a factor.
  • Why there’s an immediacy to couples therapy that’s different from individual therapy.
  • The role of a relationship within the community, and how that can affect how individuals and couples experience a change in relationship status.
  • Matt’s resources and advice for couples from his professional experience.

Resources Mentioned:
● Matt Cahill's Private Practice Website:
● Matt Cahill's Authorship Website: Matt
● Matt's Suggested Books: Daring Greatly | The Biology of Desire
● Life Stuff 101: | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
● Mio Yokoi: Registered Psychotherapist | Gifts of Sensitivity

More detailed show notes available at Life Stuff 101, Episode 29.

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