More Than a Pastor
More Than a Pastor
Jan 17, 2023
Ditch the Resolutions. Instead Focus on Your ONE THING for 2023
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So, it’s the third week of January 2023. The time when many of us are already abandoning our new year's resolutions. Are you tired of the stress and guilt that come from making resolutions that just don’t work?

What if, this year, you could ditch the new year's resolutions and discover a simple, yet effective way to turn your biggest hopes and dreams into reality? Well, I believe it is possible. And I’ll show you how in this episode of the More Than a Pastor show. Let’s get started!

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 January 17 - Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day

 Did you know that today, January 17, is Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day? Go ahead, Google it, I’ll wait...

Yeah, it’s the day when most people have ditched or abandoned their New Year’s Resolutions.

Do you ever get frustrated by resolutions that just don’t work? I know I do. And I hate the stress and sense of guilt that comes from not achieving goals I set.

Actually, I realized that pretty much all of my past resolutions were actually more like wishes than goals.

The problem was that I hadn’t clearly defined exactly what I wanted and why, and I didn’t have any kind of strategy or system to help me achieve them.

Then one day I discovered a simple framework for turning resolutions into meaningful goals, and these goals into reality.

What this did for me was create more alignment and integration in my life, which created more momentum that propelled me closer to achieving my goals.

Now, Instead of having several disparate goals that I’m pursuing independently, I strategically map out a way to align my biggest goals together so I can pursue them in a unified way.

So how exactly does that work?  Keep listening...

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