Lily Sage - Quarantine Support
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A quarantine support episode! Lily Sage and I check in with each other and discuss the unique challenges of quarantine to the soft fluttering of wind chimes in the background. Lily Sage is a Montessori school teacher focused on incorporating decolonization methods in the classroom, a wilderness guide and teacher, a Doula, Herbalist, Artist, Performer, and a sweetheart. Please join two old friends for a relaxed conversation about how we're staying sane in this very strange time.
Land Acknowledgement: Lily is speaking to you from Cochiti Pueblo, where the language of Keres is spoken.

TW/CW: Brief mention of filicide, medical marijuana and marijuana use, psychiatric medications, brief mention of Hurricane Katrina and infrastructure collapse, Covid-19, and Quarantine 2020.

Episode Notes:

Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Day Address

Lily would like to add that the prayer at the end parallels the lineages recited in traditional Jewish prayer. Here is more on the Mourner's Kaddish.

Lynn Margaulis is a biologist who also talks about parasitism as a form of symbiosis in her work, "Symbiotic Planet"

I also spaced in the episode and forgot to mention that I have actually experienced a loss of infrastructure in a disaster. I weathered a number of hurricanes, including Sandy where we were without power for two weeks. Other storms have left my family without electricity, water, or heat for weeks at a time - at least once in a freezing winter. My family also lived in CA for the '89 earthquake. I forgot in the moment because I have always considered us lucky in these situations and thought of it as an "interruption" rather than a collapse, and I didn't experience it as trauma. I don't compare any of the natural disasters I've been blessed to lived through to Hurricane Katrina.

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