Feb 3, 2020
Alice Albrecht - From Neuroscience to Data Science (#28)
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Welcome to another episode of Develomentor. Today's guest is Alice Albrecht. 

Alice is currently an independent consultant. She is also building a brain-computer interface startup. 

Prior to this, she led the strategy and advising portions of Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, where she was also a research engineer.

Before joining Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, Alice worked in both finance and technology companies as a practicing data scientist, data science leader, and - most recently - a data product manager. In addition to teaching machines to do cool things, Alice is passionate about mentoring and helping others grow in their careers.  

Alice holds a PhD from Yale in cognitive neuroscience where she studied how humans summarize sensory information from the world around them and the neural substrates that underlie those summaries.

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Episode Summary

“We’ve had this huge surge in the use of deep learning and neural networks and all of these more complicated and very, very data-hungry techniques and organizations have seen a lot of benefit from those. But I think that in the next couple of years we’re going to see a plateau in the advancement there and we’re going to have to rethink the way that we’re developing these algorithms.”

—Alice Albrecht

In this episode we’ll cover:

  1. How Alice started college when she was 15 and was on the fast track to becoming a professor
  2. Why Alice left academia to work in the private sector and technology
  3. How a neuroscience background gives Alice an advantage when working in data science
  4. What Alice looks for when hiring data scientists
  5. Why Alice believes deep learning will hit a plateau in the next couple of years

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