Oct 5, 2020
Mikolaj Pawlikowski – Chaos Engineer, Crash Testing Your Applications #97
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Welcome to another episode of Develomentor. Today's guest is Mikolaj Pawlikowski!

Mikolaj Pawlikowski has been a chaos engineer for about four years. He began with a large distributed Kubernetes-based microservices platform at Bloomberg. Mikolaj is the creator of the Kubernetes Chaos Engineering tool PowerfulSeal, and the networking visibility tool Goldgpinger. He is an active member of the Chaos Engineering community and speaks at numerous conferences.

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“I spent half of my time at the company that employed me and payed me roughly half of the money that I’d get if I was working there full time. During the other half of the time I had to cram in all the classes that you would normally have.”

“If you have your laptop and it runs for 10 years, you assume it is basically going to run forever. But if you have 1000 laptops, you’re going to start to seem them going down.”

“You can’t ever properly test things in any other environment than production. Because the data is going to be slightly different and the patterns of users will be slightly different.”

“We want to minimize the blast radius. The number of things that can be affected by what we do. In the practice of chaos engineering, it’s not completely crazy to introduce some of that failure to production systems.”

—Mikolaj Pawlikowski

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