Episode 19: It's about time we talked about incontinence | The Better Ageing Podcast
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It's time we talked about incontinence. 

Too often incontinence is dismissed as 'just part of the ageing process', yet over 4 million Australians suffer from bowel or urinary incontinence, both young and old, making it an extremely common condition, and one that as we find out in this podcast, is quite treatable. 

Despite its commonality, incontinence is often deemed an embarrassing or socially awkward thing to talk about. This means that sufferers often stay silent when they could be getting treatment and advice that empowers them to take back their continence.

In this podcast we talk about what incontinence is, and the key signs to look out for, before talking about what someone can do to get the help they deserve. (Of course, the first step is often to book an appointment with your GP!)

As always, we hope this episode helps you or someone you care for. 

Show notes/ topics covered:

0:14 - Welcome 
0:53 - Incontinence is not just part of the ageing process 
1:55 - We need to talk about it more 
3:02 - Where does someone go to first for help? 
5:20 - A definition of incontinence 
6:57 - Which health professionals can help? 
8:22 - Causal medical conditions need to be managed carefully 
10:20 - Good toilet habits 
11:36 - Pelvic floor physio 
12:20 - Take home message 

About the experts: 

Jason Lee and Dr Jane Fyfield have over 45 years of experience working with elderly Australians. Jason Lee runs his own physiotherapy practice, with a focus on strength and conditioning programs for over 60 year olds. Dr Jane Fyfield works as a consultant to aged care services, is a former Medical Director, and has worked in the public, private and government sectors as a clinician and a non-clinical consultant. 

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