Episode 163 - Dallas Willard, "What We Are to Do"
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Wholeness and holiness are inseparable.” - Dallas Willard

On this edition of Restoring the Soul, we dig deep into our archives for one of the most important discussions Michael has taken part in. In his words, it was one of the highlights of his life. Together, let’s go to Los Angeles. The year is 2008 and we’ll be privileged to listen to Michael’s discussion with Dr. Dallas Willard, who for several decades taught Philosophy at the University of Southern California, and was the author of several books including The Spirit of the Disciplines, Hearing God, and The Divine Conspiracy.

Dr. Willard passed into glory at 77 years old in May of 2013.

In this conversation, he and Michael discuss spiritual formation, having an interactive relationship with God, the idea that solitude is the most radical of the disciplines. And so much more. You’re going to want to listen intently to this conversation - even playing it over again so that you don’t miss anything.

We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate Apple IDs who go by Rathclayton1 and Atlasfreak, respectively, as they are the winners of a copy of Andrew Bauman’s book, “The Sexually Healthy Man. Thank you for your reviews on Apple Podcast - please send an email to info@restoringthesoul.com with your current address and we’ll be sure to get a book right out to you!

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership with Ruth Haley Barton
Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership with Ruth Haley Barton
Ruth Haley Barton
Season 12: Episode 2 | Into the Jungle: The False Self
Ruth and Steve begin the second episode defining terms – expanding on Mulholland's definition of the false self. A lot of what is happenings in churches is superficial tinkering, and the reality is that not everyone in the church is on the same journey. The Bible doesn't call it the narrow way for nothing. Steve and Ruth work their way through the basic attributes of the false self. The episode ends with a discussion of the role of community in wrestling with the false self because one is often choosing between good and good and Ruth's reminder of the role of the spirit. Support the podcast now and immediately receive our Lent bonus Podcast patrons at any level will receive our brand new revised digital download of Ruth Haley Barton's Lent: A Season of Returning. It includes all the scriptures and space to journal your own thoughts and prayers. Become a patron today and support our podcast ministry. SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES You can also access podcast on Google Play or Stitcher. Listen to other episodes from Season 12 Access past podcast seasons Mentioned in this podcast: The Deeper Journey: The Spirituality of Discovering Your True Self, M. Robert Mulholland Jr. Lent: A Season of Returning, Ruth Haley Barton Become a patron: Join a growing movement of transforming leaders! Become a patron at any level during Lent and immediately receive our new digital edition of Lent: A Season of Returning when you become a patron at any level. Music Credit: Lent: Music in Solitude CD (Available soon in our online store) The Transforming Center exists to create space for God to strengthen leaders and transform communities. You are invited to join our next Transforming Community:® A Two-year Spiritual Formation Experience for Leaders. Delivered in nine quarterly retreats, this practice-based learning opportunity is grounded in the conviction that the best thing you bring to leadership is your own transforming self!
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We Wonder: Lent
We Wonder: Lent
Area Code
Here Is My Mother! Here Are My Brothers! - Wednesday, Mark 3:22-35
Welcome back to We Wonder: Lent. Long ago, Jesus said to his friends, "Come: follow me," and during Lent we are following Jesus all the way through the gospel of Mark. Today we are still in the 3rd chapter of Mark's book: is Jesus filled with an evil spirit, or the Holy Spirit of God? And who are his mother and brothers, anyway? 📖 Read: Mark 3:22-35 (NIRV) ❔Wonder: Big crowds keep following Jesus wherever he goes. They want to come close to him. But some people don't seem to understand why. Yesterday, we heard about Jesus's family saying that Jesus was out of his mind. And today, the teachers of the law are saying that he must be filled with an evil spirit. I wonder why people saw such different things when they looked at Jesus? I wonder why the teachers of the law thought Jesus was filled with an evil spirit instead of God's Holy Spirit? I wonder why they thought the work he was doing was the work an evil spirit would do? I wonder why Jesus tells them they are speaking wrong words against God's Holy Spirit? I wonder why Jesus' mother and brothers came to get him? How would I feel if my brother or my son was doing and saying the things that Jesus was? What would I do, if Jesus was my brother, or my son? Can I imagine sitting in the crowd that is circled with Jesus? What does Jesus's face look like to me, as he looks around at all of us? How do I feel when he calls me his mother, or sister, or brother? Are there any words, or pictures, or moments from this story that I want to ask God about right now? Are there any words, or pictures, or moments from this story that I want to take with me and hold close? 🙏🏾 Pray: Jesus of Nazareth, son of God: thank you that we have a book filled with your words and deed. Give us the wisdom and understanding that comes from your Holy Spirit, so that we can know you better and follow you all the days of our lives. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. 💌 Keep in touch! You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter @wewonderpod for updates throughout the season, or you can shoot me an email at sarah@wewonderpod.com Thanks so much for listening, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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The Bible Binge
The Bible Binge
The Popcast Media Group LLC
If you thought villains were only in the Old Testament, just wait until you hear this episode as we turn a corner into the New Testament to deep dive Herod. In this episode, we take a look at this shady ruler, find out why he was so afraid of a little baby and explore the great lengths he went to preserve his throne. Join us as we revisit some beloved characters from previous seasons while unpacking the biggest bad guy of the Christmas story.  MENTIONS * Matthew 2:1-23 * Season 1, Episode 6: Joseph * Season 4: Advent  * Western Wall * Stanley Tucci Making a Negroni  * Luke 2:24 - Pair of Turtledoves * Hilton Head * Hosea 11:1 * Season 12, Episode 1: The Serpent  * Midnight in Paris * Kerri Strug * Fournier’s Gangrene GENTLE REBUKE Our resident Bible scholar Erin Moon offers a gentle rebuke at the end of every episode. Erin is a Bible study editor and Senior Creative/Producer of The Popcast Media Group from Birmingham. Find her on Instagram. BIBLE BINGE SEMINARY Our Patreon supporters can get full access to this week’s Bible Binge Deep Dive. Become a partner. SHOW SPONSORS * Cru: For only $21 a month, you can provide three people with Bibles each and every month. When you sign up to provide 3 Bibles a month for $21, as a thank you, we will provide meals to five hungry families through our humanitarian aid ministry. Go to give.cru.org/TheBibleBinge to help today. * Memento Mori with Erin Moon: Prepare for Lent and the Holy Week season with Bible Scholar Erin Moon. When you join Memento Mori, you'll receive a 20 page guide, articles, daily emails, an audio companion, and a private community of hundreds of other curious and honest people walking and working through Lent together. Go to erinhmoon.com/shop and use code Bible Binge for 15% off.   THE POPCAST Check out our other podcast: The Popcast with Knox and Jamie. It's a weekly show about pop culture where we educate on the things that entertain, but don't matter. Here is our suggested Popcast starter playlist. Follow The Bible Binge on Socials: Instagram| Twitter| Facebook
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