Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness
Higher Consciousness Tips from the Legally Blonde Playbook of Elle Woods
Nov 11, 2019 · 36 min
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In this week's Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness, I promised I would discuss the higher levels of consciousness operating through the movie Legally Blonde and it's lead character Elle Woods.

It is my overarching intention to help you with how to be happy and love yourself. Elle Woods is a living example who lives fully from the heart. She is also someone who embodies the level of consciousness of VALOR, which is the COURAGE to be oneself, which is a leap from the level of courage which calibrates at 200 on the MOC,  to 505 on the MOC which is the level of consciousness of VALOR.

Additionally, I share this week's 101 Ways to Happiness Tip #15: CANCEL the statement, "....and then I'll be happy."

After the discussion of the study in the consciousness of the Movie Legally Blonde and the higher consciousness tips from the Elle Woods' loving playbook and the movie Legally Blonde.

This week I also share interesting consciousness calibrations of some movies fro Dr. Hawkins' book Truth VS Falsehood.

Finally, I wrap it up with this week's Weekly Dose of HIher Consciousness Quiz which takes a look at 3 types of Philosophies:

  1. Altruism,
  2. Capitalism, and 
  3. Humanism

Listen to the answer as to which philosophy is of highest consciousness. They are all of higher consciousness, but one is higher than the others.

I hope you enjoyed this week's topic of taking higher consciousness tips from the Elle Woods playbook and the movie Legally Blonde with Resse Witherspoon.

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