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Let Go of Being Right and Step Into the Power of the Consciousness Level of Neutral
Oct 21, 2019 · 42 min
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If you are tired of the battle going on within you, and you are tired of the ego battle with others, I invite you into the POWERFUL level of consciousness of Neutrality.

It may not seem logical to the lower mind or mind of the ego that letting go of being right or having to have a position on everything is necessary in order to "be in control" of your life and safe.

Having to be in control and right and perfect is actually a lower level of consciousness for which there is no power and no real safety at all!

Listen in as I discuss the power of the level of consciousness known as neutral on Dr. David R. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness.

Today I discuss what a freeing and powerful position it is to take, to step into NEUTRAL.

I also discuss everything that is going on at the level of NEUTRAL, including the:

• consciousness calibration which is 250 or 10 to the 250th power,
• process going on at this level of consciousness is RELEASE,   emotion at this level is TRUST,
• self-view at this level is SATISFACTORY, and the
• GOD view  is ENABLING

When you experience the power level of NEUTRAL, you step into FREEDOM!

Give it a try!

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