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FB 4: What is Consciousness? Consciousness Explained by Liz Gracia
Aug 5, 2019 · 13 min
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Foundational Basics #4: What is Consciousness? Consciousness Explained by Liz Gracia

In this "foundational basics" episode I am using the metaphor of energy to help answer the question, "What is Consciousness?".

I liken consciousness and the power that it is to electricity.

I use a light bulb as an example. How much energy does it take to light a light bulb for a month?

On the Map of Consciousness®, I liken it to the level of consciousness of 200, where you are just stepping into some power. Below 200 the bulb won't work.

Now suppose you need more energy to a refrigerator for a month. Isn't it fair to say it's going to take way more power to run a refridgerator for a month than a lightbulb?

So let's say the energy to run a refrigerator is more like 310 on Map of Consciousness®...and so on.

The Map of Consciousness®, however, is VAST! In fact, to move up 1 point on the map over a lifetime can be life-changing.

Consciousness is also the presence of Divinity, Truth, and Power. If you want to manifest or create something significant in your life, you need more power to do it. More power = higher levels of consciousness.

So my intention is to just keep the answer to "What is Consciousness?" as simple and metaphorical as possible just to get your feet wet and help you feel like you are "getting it"!

Next up?

Foundational Basics #5: How to Muscle Test for Calibrating the Truth of Anything or It's Level of Consciousness.

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