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1031 Exchanges Explained: Exactly How to Use Them & Why
May 19, 2020 · 6 min
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Want to legally pay less in taxes? 1031 exchanges can help you do just that. In a very big way.

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None of us love handing over big chunks of what we make to the taxman, right?

Well, when you sell buy and hold rental property you can get hit with capital gains tax. On top of all of the other taxes and closing costs. Capital gains tax along can be 20% of your profits. More if you are paying them on a federal and state and local level. 

Still, there are many reasons to sell and trade properties in your portfolio. Especially, when they’ve appreciated and your true current returns aren’t much to rave about. 

Our special guest on this show shares how to use 1031 exchanges for big savings on taxes, and to pass on the biggest possible legacy to those you love and care about.

This is for you whether you are still looking for your first real estate deal, or you already have a sizable portfolio. 

Listen in for the details...

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