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What Is An eQRP & Why House Flippers Need One
Aug 25, 2020 · 26 min
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Find out how eQRP real estate investing can change the dynamics of your money and investments to give you more freedom and a future you choose by design. 

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By default, we’re programmed to put the management of your money and performance of our investments and retirement savings in the hands of banks and Wall Street money managers. 

They often do great at making lots of money from our money. That rarely directly correlates to us enjoying the same financial rewards. If the market crashes they win, and we can lose big time. If the market is raging hot, they win, and we might get a tiny slice of the action. That’s if you even have the luxury of extra money to invest in your future every month. 

 eQRP real estate investing changes all that. It gives you control and access to better investments. In this episode, our special guest Damion Lupo talks about eQRP, what it can do for you, and the simple steps to getting started with it.

Listen in now for all the details...

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