Feb 29, 2020
#011 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Cold Therapy with Andri & Tanit
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I just came back from Outdoor Adventure with Andri, guest of this episode. We couldn’t get in to the water because lake was too frozen.
Yet it was still enough water to lay down and conquer the cold. I am amazed how powerful the mind and the body is!
Breathtaking interview with this amazing couple. The baby was with us too you can hear it sometime :)

This episode guests are Andri & Tanit. Tanit from the land of sun and heat, Spain and Andri from the  land of Ice and Fire, Iceland. I met them a year ago and I felt in love in their mindset. It took me 9 moths to finally commit and participate in their workshop, because I was claiming that ''I hate cold, and I will never go to cold water in winter.''

This podcast will be about the Cold Therapy.
It all started  when they hit the rock bottom in their life. Tanit was going through work burnout. Andri was suffering from severe chronic lumbar pain, migraines and dealing with divorce.
They found peace and strength in cold water and they used Cold Therapy to transform their lives.  
Andri for years was dealing with all kinds of health issued to the point that he treated them as a part of his personality.  His transformation started when he saw Wim Hof movie on youtube and start to practice cold immersion. Thought the cold he was able to "reborn", get rid of obstacles, start going to the gym and rediscover his body.

Tanit was dealing with her work burnout. She achieved everything that she thought has meaning in life, good degree, good job. She realise, that this does not make her happy and do not give purpose in life. She met Andri bathing in a hot tub with friends who said that there is a guy in the ocean next to them. Keep on mind that ocean in Iceland is always cold. She went to join him in this cold ocean and this how it all started.

Currently they're hosting variety of workshops connected to Cold Therapy, Breath-work and Movement. They are Wim Hof Method certified Instructors. Their amazing energy transformed lives of others and also mine.

During and after course with Andri Iceland I overcome my childhood fear of cold,  get rid of many negative self talks and bullshit thinking.

I still can’t believe I did the training and that I went to ice-cold lake surrounded by snow at the end of the course. This experience strength not only my health but also helped me to believe that I am limitless.

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