Apr 4, 2022
[ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] 059 Greg the Hydrogen Men - Why Hydrogen is a Holy Molecule and how is proven by science!
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In the beginning sorry for not being the best quality because of the bad internet but things happen. We actually record it a second time because the first time the internet bails me here in Colombia and we had less time and I wasn’t happy about the first recording. 

Neither the less I’m super excited to share information about hydrogen from someone who is using it for many years. Greg had a lot of health issues and even heart surgery and was struggling a lot. When he first came across hydrogen and researched its healing benefits he couldn't believe it. He thought it was a scam. Too good to be true?

Well, listen to his journey with hydrogen.

Greg "The Hydrogen Man" or "H Man" is a serious hydrogen therapy guru.  The study of molecular hydrogen therapy has been his passion for over 10 years.  He is well versed in the extensive health benefits molecular hydrogen provides.  

His knowledge comes not only from his extensive study but from first-hand experience in his own healing.  

Greg has been featured on several podcasts including ThriveTime Show with Clay Clark which has been the #1 iTunes business podcast 6 times!  

Hope & Health with Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood, The Certified Health Nut with Troy Casey, The Right Side with Doug Billings, Syncretism Society with Santos Bonacci, The Truth Unveiled with Paul Oebel, Face the Facts with April Moss, and Up Front In The Prophetic with Francine Fosdick.  Additionally, 

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