Episode 21: One Discipline Away From A Million With Ty Cohen
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Ty Cohen joins Tiffany to talk about discipline, focus, and consistency within your business. At the end of the day, you can’t be consistent until you are disciplined enough first. Tiffany gets vulnerable and opens up about where she knew she was lacking discipline, and then how she trained herself. They both go over tips and ideas on how to manage your time and your goals. Get your pen and paper and be ready to take some notes!


  1. Discipline discipline discipline! The name of the game is discipline. Ty talks about when he used to go to the library to use the computer with time restraints. He had to make himself FOCUS and not allow distractions to come and to take him away from his 20 minutes. Be intentional with your time. Don’t spend your time planning, spend your time, and DO the things. We can spend all the time in the world planning. But you gotta take that next step and DO THE DAMN THING.
  2. There are three types of people. One, the person who asks how you did something and then once they find out how much work it will take say “Oh yeah, okay I will start making those changes” and then one year later are in the same place they were the previous year. Then you have the individual who had something traumatic happen in their lives or their back is pushed up against a wall and they truly want to know how to do it. They are the people who take the information, uses it, and implements it. Then there’s the person who is already successful and understands knowledge is power and wants to learn more. Really take a moment, and be honest with yourself, which one are you?
  3. When you get comfortable and you are coasting, that is the most dangerous place to be. You always need to be thinking, great I made it to this place, now how do I get to the next level? Can the current version of yourself get you to that next level? If your answer is no then you have to take a moment and really not ask yourself “what are my weaknesses and what are my strengths?” No, you h

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