Naked Humanity
Stefani Ruper
Existentialist philosophers such as Albert Camus and Hannah Arendt once said the modern world has rendered us naked: we are stripped of traditional beliefs, grasping for truths constantly out of reach, awash in late stage capitalist consumerist frenzies, and devastatingly aware of our own, ugly limitations. It's frankly kind of awful, but also beautiful at the same time? My (I'm Stefani, I have a PhD in philosophy and religion from the University of Oxford, hello) life's work is understanding what this nakedness has done to us. Who are we? Who COULD we be? For Season I of this podcast (episodes 1-73) I ask historians, psychologists, sociologists, and biologists: what does it mean to be human in the modern world? Season II will debut in 2021 and will focus on my own solution to the problem of our modern existential crises, which will be epic.
Naked Humanity
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