HealthTech Beat
HealthTech Beat
Nov 16, 2022
#15: Putting the team in front of everything is the most important thing | Geoffroy Rivet-Sabourin, CTO at PulseMedica
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In this episode, we will answer the following questions:

[01:26] a large platform for the new generation of eye disease treatment
[09:50] how ML helps in the diagnosis and treatment
[12:56] ML accuracy and bias in making a diagnosis
[14:35] the process of hiring optical engineers
[18:57] in-house vs. outsourced development
[19:42] product distribution plans
[21:23] go-to-market company strategy
[24:05] how important are soft skills for engineers and how to evaluate them
[26:04] Geoffroy’s scientific works in orthopedic
[29:44] sales process: making the right message for the right person
[33:23] Geoffroy’s advice on becoming a good skilled engineering manager
[38:33] Rapid Fire Round (3 personal questions)

Who is responsible for the decision that ML algorithms make in the healthcare industry?
In this episode, you’ll learn more about how machine learning is used in ophthalmology, its accuracy and bias in making a diagnosis.

Geoffroy Rivet-Sabourin tells about activities at PulseMedica, a large platform for the new generation of eye disease treatment. As CTO, he shares his approach to hiring optical engineers, integrating teams of different specialties into one productive system, and explains why PulseMedica is open to third-party vendors.

And also you’ll find out how being open-minded can help you to find very rare niche industry specialists.
Enjoy the listening!


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