Boss Uncaged
Boss Uncaged
Apr 20, 2021
Host Of Readily Random Podcast: Larry Roberts AKA The Readily Boss - S2E19 (#47)
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Host Of Readily Random Podcast: Larry Roberts AKA The Readily Boss - S2E19 (#47)

“People seem to think that it’s extremely easy. Oh, you can just put a paywall in front of a new patreon, and then you can get sponsors, and you can have this. And it doesn’t work that way. Folks, it sounds great when you’re listening to the presentations, but it’s not that easy. And again, I go back to the built-in audience. You have to make sure you understand that who you’re comparing yourself against has an audience.”

In Season 2, Episode 19 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant sits down with podcaster Larry Roberts. Larry is the host of the Readily Random Podcast and a public speaker, best-selling author, and top-rated Udemy course creator. 

Larry is no stranger to the world of voice artists and radio media. Still, after suffering a life setback, he was searching for a new and creative outlet. 

“It was the freedom of expression. It was the unabashed freedom that this platform provided. I looked at it because I tend to talk a lot. I tend to tell jokes that might get me in trouble in the wrong environment, which is pretty much any environment sometimes. But when I heard this and saw the absolute freedom to create whatever I wanted, I was blown away, and I haven’t been that excited about an opportunity since back in my teens…”

Don’t miss this LAUGH-FILLED episode covering topics on:
  • What courage looks like when walking away from a 9 to 5
  • Discovering your purpose
  • The importance of creating courses
  • And so much more!

Want more details on how to contact Larry? Check out the links below! 


Just speak to your Alexa-enabled device and say, ”Alexa Open Boss Uncaged.”

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