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The Suzanne Show
Jan 21, 2023
Creating Confidence with Emily Socha
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This episode of The Suzanne Show focused on the topic of confidence in the online business space, particularly for female entrepreneurs. Emily Sosha, a confidence creation specialist, was featured to discuss her coaching philosophy and how introverts can find success in the online business space. Emily believes that true internal confidence comes from falling in love with all aspects of oneself and turning weaknesses into strengths.

She explained that the online space gives introverts an opportunity to do this almost entirely, as it allows them to interact with people when they feel comfortable and have time alone when needed. The conversation shifted to female entrepreneurs who may be feeling fear about putting themselves out there this year. Emily suggested taking baby steps as the biggest thing to do when feeling overwhelmed or scared about taking the first step towards success.

She also discussed how she overcame her fear by talking to herself in the mirror, recording videos, and taking small steps. Additionally, she encouraged listeners not to worry about pleasing everyone but instead focus on turning people on or off with their authenticity.

Finally, Emily offered advice for those dealing with a lack of confidence in their offers such as not going down in flames and having confidence in themselves while charging what they are worth and starting with a price point that makes them feel comfortable. In this podcast conversation, the speakers discussed the importance of having a good website for businesses.

They highlighted that having an effective website is essential for businesses to reach their target audience and build a strong online presence. The speakers also discussed how to create an effective website, emphasizing the need for an attractive design, easy navigation, and relevant content. Additionally, they discussed the importance of using SEO techniques to ensure that customers can easily find the business’s website when searching online.

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