30% Wild
Susan Dieterlen
Season 1: Scary Animals in the Backyard- Bears in the suburbs? Mountain lions in Chicago? Wolves in…New York?? Where *can't* you run into big predators these days, as climate change and habitat destruction push wildlife to the brink? What's behind these stories and their grip on our imaginations? And what creatures could be lurking outside *your* door? As schemes multiply to re-forest and rewild vast acreage, it can be enough to keep newcomers to outdoor pursuits from setting foot outside - and make seasoned hikers, gardeners, and birders question how well they really know their favorite haunts. Join me, an author and designer who’s spent a lifetime wandering around the woods, as we confront the fear and fascination of encountering a scary animal outdoors, alone, in a place you thought was safe. For everyone intrigued by our wild neighbors and everyone peeking outside from behind the curtains, it's "30% Wild: Scary Animals in the Backyard." Listen and subscribe at thirtywildpod.com, and get every episode before it gets you
30% Wild
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