33 Alpha Pod Flight Issue 14 Fraser Campbell
Play • 1 hr 27 min
"it's been a minute" as some of the Americans say, which actually means "it's been a long time", belieive it or not. By which I mean: this is the first alpha Pod Flight for a few weeks, and it's not being released on Official Alpha Pod Flight Tuesday, but half way through Unofficial Alpha Pod Flight Friday. Crazy!I'm joined by Fraser Campbell, writer and essentially publisher of The Edge Off, Alex Automatic, Sleeping Dogs and others (they're all very good, please go and read them, even if you have already). We go in on Alpha Flight 14, which has so much to talk about, even though there's NO FIGHTS IN IT. Copyright 2018 Gareth A HopkinsAlpha Flight cover image borrowed from marvel.wikia.comAlpha Flight and all related characters are copyright Marvel or Disney. Deffo not me, pal.The version of 'Oh Canada!' used in this podcast can be found at this address: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwDvF0NtgdUDisclaimer: The host of this podcast (Gareth A Hopkins) is a *fan of* the material he talks about and not an *expert on* it. Many of things stated as facts might be pure fabricated bullshit, and will probably reveal said host to be a bit of a bellend. Don't mind him. If you have any comments please email gareth@grthink.com

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